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"Those [Telic] sandals are unbelievably comfortable!"
- Ray Allen, NBA Guard for Miami Heat

"Incredible! I've never felt anything like them!"
- Kenny Lofton, Former MLB All-Star

"I love how these are so comfortable and so fashionable at the same time."
- Laurie,

"OMG! The Best Flip Flops ever!"
- Deborah,

"I hit my first pair yesterday and I LOVE them. Highly recommend!"
- Terri

"Can't put a price on comfort and quality, and if you did, these Telic flip flops are worth a million dollars a pair! Instead, a great price, the comfort of knowing they are American made, and the colors are vibrant and fun! I am stocking up in every color and treating my feet to the best! Thank you Telic!"
- Christy

"Was a little unsure of the shoes at first. When I received them, I didn't think they were in the box! It was sooooo lite! They are amazing. They fit comfortably and they're just awesome! Love them!"
- Kayla

"These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn."
- Kim,

"It seems like no matter what kind of shoe I tried I would end up with blisters or a stress fracture. My daughter gave me a pair of Telic and the minute I put them on, I knew they were an amazing fit. I wear them whenever possible and rave about them to anyone who wants to listen. It is so nice finally to have found THE shoe."
- Lis

"These shoes saved my walking life… I kid you not. Made in the U.S.A. and clearly the most comfortable shoe I have ever experienced"
- Anon

"These are so comfortable and my knees are much happier when I wear them!"
- Jody,


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