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About Us


The true heritage of Telic dates back over a century ago to co-founder Rocco Azzarito’s grandfather Francisco Azzarito. Born in the small southern Italian town of Sant’Agata Di Puglia, Francisco was the son of a shoe cobbler, and although he followed in his father’s trade, he always dreamed of building footwear in America. Francisco landed on Ellis Island in the spring of 1920 when he was just sixteen years old. With no knowledge of the language or culture he settled in Brooklyn, NY. There, he changed his name to Frank because he wanted to be a “real” American. Frank pursued several jobs until he finally began making shoes at the I. Miller Shoe Company and eventually became the foreman of the factory.

“My Grandfather, Frank Azzarito, is truly the spirit that has moved us to rekindle the dream that together we can build great, healthy, and affordable footwear in America and worldwide.” -- Rocco Azzarito



Telic co-founder Terry Stillman was an elite runner who attended Dartmouth College. He ran track and cross country, was Heptagonal/Ivy champion and a leading member of Dartmouth’s All-American cross country team. After running internationally for a couple years, he then retired from competition and pursued a career at Nike. After leaving Nike, he dreamed of launching his own footwear brand with a concentrated focus on apres-sports recovery. He met Rocco in August of 2009 at a worldwide footwear event and discussed the possibility of launching a brand (now known as Telic), to shake up the footwear industry.  

“At Dartmouth after hard workouts and long runs (when it was not too cold) we always used to take our shoes off and jog or walk barefoot on the grass to help recover. I often wondered if there could be a shoe that would mimic this same amazing feeling of soft shock absorption and propulsion. Little did I know at the time this would become Telic.” -- Terry Stillman



We are committed to producing affordable luxury comfort footwear in the U.S.A., and sharing this comfort with the world. 


Our mission is to produce affordable luxury comfort footwear, and share this comfort with the world. 


Voted "Best Comfort Shoe 2013" by Readers' Choice Awards New York Times


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